where I’ll be from now on

February 15, 2010 at 1:39 pm (thinking)

Hello my chickadees! Given that my new website is under construction but up and ready to receive my blog-posts, I’ll be posting over there now. Forevers. Eventually, hopefully, this address will forward to my site, but for now, just follow the link, please!

New site! New thoughts! Follow me!



  1. euphrosyne said,

    When I try to add an RSS feed for the new site, it redirects back here…

    • molly said,

      My webmaster tells me today he added the RSS feed, and it works. He said it could sometimes take a day or two–try now! And thanks again for having me in your RSS!

      • euphrosyne said,

        Got it working now!

  2. molly said,

    HMMMMMMMM. OK, I’ll contact my “admin” and let him know. Thanks for the tip! Also thanks for having me in your RSS feed! ❤

  3. suzanne said,

    Are you coding your new website yourself?

    • molly said,

      Parts of it. Most of it, no fucking way! I have a generous friend who’s addressing all the CSS stuff. I’m just tinkering.

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