November 25, 2009 at 2:49 pm (editing, this and that, writing) (, , , )

Life have been so busy in Tanzer Town I feel like Richard Scarry should write a book about me. While I haven’t been slaying any terrible dragons, I just finished up my very first proofreading gig for Prime Books, which was a tremendous amount of fun. The delight I receive from marking up a manuscript with a red pen is beyond acceptable, but when I mentioned this to Sean, my editor, he responded that, quote, “anyone who is in publishing is certifiably insane.” So OK then.

On the Editorial Front I’ve been doing quite a bit over at Fantasy Magazine in my new position as Assistant Editor. I am very lucky to be working for such an awesome venue– the very first story I prepped for the system was outstanding, “Reading By Numbers” by Aidan Doyle. Weird, creepy, and beautiful, it’s definitely worth a read. Or two or three, if you can figure out the secret messages.

In terms of my own writing projects I’ve really made some real headway with my novel. I had been stuck for a while, but I really like the way everything’s been coming the past week. I’m about 100k in so more than 2/3s through my projected word count, so yay! This has done a lot to counteract the rash of rejection letters I’ve had come into the ol’ inbox, but rejection letters mean the opportunity to research new venues, a silver lining to be sure.

Networking: Did I mention I’m on GoodReads now? Look me up under Molly Tanzer, let’s compare books!  I am still trying to figure out how to get my blog to post to my GoodReads account because I am just neurotic enough to care about that.

In the Big Ups Corner this week* is Jude Michael Grant, son extraordinaire of Shawn and Erica, two of my most beloved friends. Welcome into the world, Jude! Your face is too cute. Also of note: the picture of Erica looking beatific is amazing, and the Lion King pose Shawn is doing with Jude in that one pic is amazing.

Boring blog stuff: the “about molly” tab has been updated. I also figured out how to get a search engine up in the mix so if you remember something I wrote that angered or amazed you, you can keyword search it now. Thrilling! Additionally, if you go to it now should forward you to this site, because I bought my own domain name! Fun.

Thanksgiving: Tomorrow is the day of giving thanks for lots of stuff like imperialism and mashed potatoes here in my neck of the woods. This year everyone is contributing something, so the menu is such:

Tofurkey (prepared by my husband, using the method with orange juice and soy sauce or whatever)

Garlic Mashed Taters with Gravy (prepared by Jesse)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (me, of course)

Polenta Stuffing (me, courtesy of Isa over at the Post Punk Kitchen, a recipe from her upcoming low-fat cookbook cunningly entitled Appetite for Reduction)

Punkin Pie (prepared by Raech)

Apple Streusel Slurm Casserole (also Raech, I have no idea what else to call this dish, but it is awesome, pics here)

And maybe a surprise if I get my behind to Whole Foods today. . .

*I’ve never really had any sort of Big Ups Corner but I’m thinking of making it a feature.



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  2. Raechel said,

    Is your website… snowing?

  3. molly said,

    IT IS!!

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