ugh ugh ugh

September 28, 2009 at 7:29 pm (this and that)

Today I was talking to my parents on my phone, outside my usual coffee shop, and noticed that someone tied up and left a really rough-looking German Shepherd puppy outside. I had seen the dog before ,looking scraggly and in need of a bath, but when I really looked at him today I noticed he had bald patches on his skin that he was gnawing at, and what appeared to be maggots nesting in his fur and skin. His tail was also chewed down and horrifying. Two kids were playing with him, rubbing his fur as they ate a croissant, which was just. . . ugh. Bleh. Ugh. The area around his bottom was the worst, matted and filled with the things that were maybe maggots, and he kept gnawing at the area and his scrotum as if it itched terribly. So yeah, he wasn’t fixed, either, so that’s great. Probably because he’s a “purebred” dog. Bleh. Ugh.

So I called Animal Control. I wouldn’t have if it had been the first time I saw the dog tied up and looking terrible, but the repeat viewing convinced me it was a good idea. Fortunately the AC officer showed up before the “caretakers” of this creature came out, and the officer seemed really unhappy about the dog’s condition (as well as the fact that the poor thing had just been left outside with no water, tied to a fence).

So we talked about the pup for a minute, but  just as I was pointing to the patches on his skin that looked maggoty the two kids came out with a woman and seemed really concerned I was standing over the dog with a dude in a uniform. He asked if it was her dog and she said “it’s my husband’s” and looked at me quizzically, at which point I excused myself not wanting a confrontation. I’m glad I did because as I went inside one of the kids ran in screaming “DAD THE POLICE ARE HERE ABOUT YOUR DOG!!!” so I decided discretion was the better part of valor and biked home. My friend Jesse stayed and went outside, pretending to talk on his phone, and said that the officer kept pointing out spots on the dog’s coat and the guy just looked surprised and was acting like he’d never noticed it before. Then I guess the officer wrote the guy a ticket, and the guy took the poor dog in his car and drove away.

Ugh. Poor doggie. The last time I called AC they didn’t want me to stay around and just told me to leave (I was also bleeding and injured but not as a result of the incident, long story), so I hope I did the right thing. I hope the dog gets the help he needs. He’s such a cute pup, and had just sad eyes. I had no idea the kids were at all related to the dog, he didn’t seem to greet them with friendliness or interest when they tried to play with them– just listlessly sat or laid down, while they pulled on his leash to try to make him do stuff.

I hope he doesn’t get abandoned. I hope the guy realizes he’s not taking care of the pup and takes him to a shelter where he can find a good home. I know I wanted to take him home. Bleh. Ugh. Bleh.



  1. Raechel said,

    If you see him again and he’s not looking better, we should bring him home, seriously.

    • molly said,

      I wanted to, for reals, but that dog was bigger than my apartment already, and he’s just a pup.

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