oh yeah i have a blog

August 13, 2009 at 6:30 pm (thinking)

So I’m totally living in Boulder now, and it’s pretty awesome. I haven’t felt much like blogging as of late, just because it’s been crazy and stressful getting my house together and getting myself back on a schedule, but I think once things settle down this will be a really awesome place to spend at least a few years. On the most basic level there is an epic amount of vegan food here– some really delicious, some good, some kind of okay, but the sheer volume of restaurants is pretty neat. There is also incredible shopping here, but that’s not always a good thing, unless it’s cheap organic basil at the farmer’s market.

I’ve done more physical activity here in the past weeks and a half than I have in, uh, maybe the last year in Tallahasse. Walking and biking is infinitely more convenient than driving here, at least to do the stuff I like to do, and so days here have ended in some of the best sleep I’ve had in years. I don’t like comparing Boulder to Tallahassee- both towns have their merits– but there is just so much to do here. Days here (at least the ones not entirely devoted to unpacking or other apartment-related things) have consisted of things like walking or biking to a local coffee shop to write, then going to the farmer’s market to get incredible organic vegetables to make stuff for dinner, or cruising up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see elk and glaciers, or biking to an all-vegan fast food joint for “chicken” ranch sandwiches and chili cheese fries, or driving 18 miles to a local small town with fewer lights and a higher elevation to watch a 1 AM meteor shower. Jesus.

So yeah. It hasn’t all been super-awesome-funtime– in fact, I feel somewhat weird and lost and adrift in this town, but I think that is perhaps partially it being August and I’m not getting planners and notebooks to start another semester of school. I’ve actually decided to write full-time at least until World Fantasy Con, and that feels stranger than strange to me. But I want to at least try this for a while– I am working on a book, after all, whether or not it makes sense is yet to be established. We shall see. Eep! OK. So that’s what’s what.

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