June 2, 2009 at 9:50 am (this and that)

The murder of George Tiller has been bothering me since its occurrence Sunday, gnawing at my mind and making me really angry and afraid for the state of this country. I have been feeling like I did, to some extent, after 9/11. Terrorism does its job– it makes us afraid– and that is how I feel. I have been posting articles on my Facebook about the whole thing but I’m going to stop, it’s not the place for that. Instead here I am going to compile all the links I’ve found, crying out against this latest war crime. Because that is what Dr. Tiller’s murder is. 

Planned Parenthood advises the U.S. Government on how to Deal with Terrorists 

One Woman’s Story of her Late-Term Abortion

Tweets of Hate 

Randall Terry, Being Hateful

Remembering Dr. Tiller

A Ray of Hope 

What America would America be like if the people who think the murder of Dr. Tiller was righteous and justified got their way? 

What was “Tiller the Killer” really like?

It goes on, and on, and on. . . .


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