sick kitty

February 26, 2009 at 12:55 pm (this and that) ()

Penelope is sick. About two weeks ago I gave her some different wet food one night when I was out of her standard PetGuard and ever since then her guts have been a little upset. Then last night she started vomiting and today she vomited some more. I just took her to the vet, she’s home now, but they’re not really sure what’s up. They gave her fluids for her dehydration and, of all things, some Pepcid AC. I just administered some sort of paste to her that is made of probiotics and something to help her tummy feel better. 

I’ve got her resting in the bedroom away from Telemachos, but I’m still worried about her. The vet also heard a slight heart murmur and it’s not heartworms so they’re running tests. I’m scheduled to go up for the weekend with Jesse to the Hostel in the Forest but now I’m a little nervous. I know John will take good care of her but Penelope. . . she is in some ways my best friend. I love her so much, we’ve been through so much together! 

Just about 11 years ago I got her from the shelter, a tiny, calico monster with enormous feet and bigger lungs, and nothing but a stump where a tail should be. Since then I’ve watched her grow up and turn into the most awesome cat I’ve ever known, talkative, bossy, particular, and sweet. She’s the Lizard-Catcher, the Moth-Swatter, the Owl-Howler, the Sandwich-Snatcher, the All-Day-Sleep-Master, the Fall-Overer, and the Mistress of Snug. I want her to be OK so much, I’ll be on tenterhooks until she feels better and her blood work comes in and she starts feeling better.


on the table, being bad as usual

what do you mean i'm not supposed to be on the table?


i see you are not petting me? why is this?

i see you are not petting me? why is this?


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