telemachos goes under

February 10, 2009 at 1:19 pm (this and that) ()

Telemachos is getting his neutering surgery today. I just dropped him off and I’m really worried about him. I know it’s a routine operation but I’m still nervous.

hes much older now, of course, but still a cutie

he's much older now, of course. twee droopy mustache-whiskers, squee!

He looked really scared when I left him after being super-quiet on the drive there. I’ve been trying to study for a while now but I keep getting distracted and thinking about him.

I know he’s the worst kitten in the world, but I still adore him. He’s learning to let us pet him and it’s awesome to see  him get better. He and Penelope are friends on some level at this point, and last night he only swatted at me once before letting me scratch him behind the ears for at least two minues before he nipped me.  A few months ago that would have been impossible.

I get so frustrated with him and it’s not fair. I know he can’t control his urge to make biscuits and nurse on things even if I want him to. I hold out hope that he’ll grow out of it, he seems at least to be more accepting of us throwing him off us when he tries (even if he just goes to find the nearest blanket or wad of dirty clothes to nurse on afterwards). His nips are a lot less hard these days, too, and when he gets the uge to jump on me and attack he rarely sinks his teeth into me anymore. Occasionally he does, to be sure, but he’s learning.

I hope  he’s OK.

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