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February 3, 2009 at 12:20 am (this and that) ()

Omg! I should be working on my book review! Instead I am posting pictures of the tattoo I’d like to get! It would be a cool sleeve! 

See, my little maenad from the front:


And full body, from a bad angle:

maenad full body madness

Twee snake! Maenad! I should be working!



  1. Raechel said,

    OMG You need that tattoo. It would look awesome on your calf.

  2. molly said,

    Yeah, but I dunno, I’m thinking left-arm sleeve. . .

  3. Jesse said,

    Molly: Fawn skin clothing and serpent accoutrement…NOT VEGAN!

    Raechel: Tattooing pet baby cows…ALSO NOT VEGAN!

    For serious, though, is pretty pretty. Maybe alter it so it’s a faun skin? I am so goddamn funny it isn’t funny.

  4. molly said,

    It’s fauxnskin.

  5. Raechel said,

    Arm sleeve would be cute, too! DO IT!

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