underworld: rise of the lycans

January 24, 2009 at 4:18 am (this and that) (, )

Holy crap was that bad. John thought it should have been called Underworld: Prevolution. Either way, wow was it horrible. The Onion AV Club gave it a D+ (or, as it is commonly known, a “gentleman’s F”) and I agree except for the + part which can only be justifiable because of Bill Nighy’s presence in the film. 

At any rate, I’m starting a new tag on the blog. I think something the internet is sorely missing is the phenomenon of lolcats as applied to the classics. So I am going to remedy this. I’m calling them lolgreeks because lollenes or lolchaeans didn’t seem quite as good. 

achilleus and patroklosPerhaps everyone else is over lol-ifying everything but to me it’s very amusing. I’m hunting down a bunch  of ridiculous images for my classics class, so I’m sure I’ll have a  lot of pretty righteous material for this project. I have no idea how  to layer text onto images so they’ll most likely be pretty basic.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to do some pretty epic studying for Greek, I guess we’re doing deponent verbs and -mi verbs, but first I think the syllabus calls our next project “Principle Parts Extravaganza” so that should be fun. So I’ll be reviewing my principle parts of lots of exciting verbs.

Oh snap, maybe I’ll do some lolgreeks in Attic Greek. Can the world withstand the awesome?

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