ear drama update and a new bar

January 2, 2009 at 12:44 am (this and that) ()

I’ve finally managed to get my right ear up to 1g! The plugs came in yesterday but my left ear is too sore to stretch up right now. In a few days it should be good to go, though. I wanted to get both up to 1g so I could post about something like 1g on 1/1/09 but no such luck. Soon, though!

Last night I tried out a bar here in Tallahassee called Fermentation Lounge and it’s neat. It had nice decor and very knowledgeable and pleasant bartenders. No liquor, which is usually a dealbreaker for me as I don’t drink beer, but the wine selection was fun and different from what I usually buy for myself. It’s right by my favorite coffee shop so I’m usually over that way anyhow, so I’ll definitely be back on a night not New Years Eve. But even when the crowd got loud and big, it was still pleasant, most likely because it’s non-smoking. Yay! New place to frequent, I was getting a little bored with Finnegan’s Wake, though the proximity of Finnegan’s to my house is most tempting. We’ll see what Fermentation Lounge is like on Friday and Saturday nights. If it’s steady but not unpleasantly crowded I just might have found a new love.

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