ear drama

December 28, 2008 at 4:36 am (this and that, writing) ()

I’ve been stretching my ears since last May and I’m almost at my goal size, but it’s been incredibly frustrating lately. I have preternaturally resistant ears and have had to use tape to stretch ever since reaching an 8g. Unfortunately, while trying to stretch from a 2g to a 0g, I somehow developed a sensitivity to the tape I was using. I took a month and a half off from stretching, did all the right things (vitamin E oil, massages, cleaning them, hot soaks, etc.) and yet, and yet, I am still no further along to a 0g than I was back in October when I hit 2g. 

The day before Christmas I decided to tape again only to be rewarded with hurty, unhappy ears that started bleeding for the first time since I started the process. Then this morning I woke up and there was pain and swelling, and when I took out my plugs I saw something that looked like pus, but given that it wasn’t green I’m hoping against hope that it was just vitamin E oil or something else. I downsized back to a 2g and just ordered 1g plugs to try to go up 1mm at a time, but I’m feeling very negative about the whole thing. I have several beautiful plugs just waiting for my ears to loosen up, including a pair of gorgeous, ridiculous, amazing, insanely large seraphim Raechel gave me for Christmas.

my god, the sheer size of them!

my god, the sheer size of them!

It’s just frustrating, I’ve been doing everything right, and this is what I’ve reaped. I know they’ll be fine and I’ll salt soak them and my 1g plugs will come but still. I just want them to feel better and be stretchy and nice like normal ears. They’re so resistant it’s insane. 

Tomorrow I’m heading down to West Palm Beach for an impromptu visit to John’s family, and I’m hoping to get plenty of reading done on the way down. I’m taking The Love Artist and The Secret History of Moscow, so we’ll see how much I get through. I also have to finalize my syllabus for the spring, though, so we’ll see how much I get through. I can’t believe vacation is almost over. I got a lot of work done editing my book but I was hoping to do more, perhaps I’ll have time upon my return to Tallahassee.

I hope my ears start to feel better soon. I am going to wait at least until my 1g plugs come in to do anything other than clean and/or mess with them but I’m tired of this. I know the 2g-0g stretch is supposed to be rough but not impossible! Sheesh.

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